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Paolo Massa

Paolo Massa



Paolo Massa received his PhD from ICT International Graduate School of University of Trento in March 2006 defending a thesis titled “Trust-aware Decentralized Recommender Systems”.

His research interests include trust and reputation, recommender systems and social software. A list of his publications is available on his blog at


Maurizio Napolitano



Maurizio Napolitano joined FBK in 1999.
Over the years he has been working on GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and E-Voting with special attention to Open Source.
In 2008, together with Paolo Massa, he founded the group SoNet, expanding his interests toward research in social networking.


Asta Zelenkauskaite



Asta Zelenkauskaite is a PhD student in the Department of Telecommunications of the Indiana University.

Her major research interests are computer-mediated communication, media convergence, and interactivity.


Davide Setti

(junior researcher)



Davide Setti obtained a first level degree in 2007 in Physics, with adissertation entitled "Preliminary study of a Cesium atom in liquid4He with Variational Monte Carlo methods". He is working on large social networks, especially derived from Wikipedia.

Marco Frassoni

(junior researcher)



Marco graduated in Computer Science at University of Trento in 2008, discussing a thesis on "Another enterprise is possible: a case study on Enterprise 2.0". He is interest in Social Network Analysis and the adoption of emerging Web 2.0 technologies within the enterprise (also known as Enterprise 2.0)




Michela Ferron

(phd student)

Blog: (was

Webpage at CIMeC


Michela is a PhD student in Cognitive and Brain Sciences at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (University of Trento). Her PhD project is about the study of collective memory building processes in Web 2.0 and particularly in Wikipedia.

Michela obtained a master's degree in Work, Communication and Social Psychology from University of Padua in 2008 with a thesis on "Effects of social network based feedback on group mediated communication", and a bachelor's degree in Cognitive Applied Psychology from University of Trento, on "Card Sorting, categorization and usability of websites". In the Sonet group she is working at the Live Memories project, funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento, and coordinated by FBK in collaboration with the University of Trento and the University of Southampton.



  • Mike Borozdin (stage), working on Trentini Nel Mondo social network platform
  • Riccardo Buttarelli (stage), working on Dynamic Carpooling, see
  • Daniel Graziotin (stage & thesis), working on Dynamic Carpooling, see
  • Andrea Libardi (stage)
  • Stefano Parmesan (stage & thesis)
  • Francesca Odella (research papers)
  • Martino Salvetti (trustlet developer), trust metrics,
  • Danilo Tomasoni (trustlet developer), trust metrics,
  • Francesca Cavalieri (stage)
  • Serena Marchionne (stage)
  • Michele Dallatorre (stage & thesis)
  • Oskar Zambotti (stage)


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